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Trust well known institution which have been in many news media and network. See Doctor (not Physician assistant) and get Same Vaccine at much Lower Price.
We are open on Saturday as well
Competitive low Price for standard Vaccines

Dr. Arani Medical facility sponsored of for immunization of various preventable diseases. We have a wide variety of vaccines in our center for administration for different age and purpose such as traveling around the world. All our vaccines are FDA approved fresh and stored in temperature regulated environment in consider to manufacture recommendation. We are official center by department of Health to administer certain regulated vaccine such as yellow. Dr. Arani held official California"State Uniform Stamp" well recognized, For your international certification for your travel

Travel MD Doctor Visit Today will cover following:

MD Physician consultation for Your travel advice (not a nurse or PA visit) , we will advice you for what you exactly need, or what is most important. We never offer vaccine you don't need. For example many people have up to date Tetanus Shot so we don't try to give you Tetanus/Diphtheria for your travel which is a routine and not a really travel shot.

Ask all your questions from experience doctor in travel health and not a nurse

14 days free follow up with MD (regarding your travel vaccinations)

Our vaccines are discounted

We always have most of our vaccines ready

Free Travel safety notes & Free Travel Book

No need to pre-order or prepaid with cancellation fee

(Our average walk in waiting is 10 minutes only )

Reasons Why Choose Us
Dr.Arani Medical Center
Other Urgent Care
Free MD with any vaccine
Physician Assistant or Nurse
Follow Up Visit
none, must buy another vaccine
Vaccine Price , Fee
Compare us, due to high volume we able to give you discounted saving
Feel free to ask and compare
Anytime, walk in
Must have advance appointment, considering short notice for your travel
Injection fee
No Additional fee
$20-$35 for each shot
Vaccine Availability
we usually have most fresh vaccine available for same day administration
wait 1-2 weeks in order to order your vaccine
Not Needed
Need it in Advance
Extra Time
No additional charges, ask all your questions for the same fee
$49-90 for each 15 min !
Quality of Care
It depends of what you get assigned for by clinic or supermarket. Always ask for the doctor's name and credential and experience and not just the clinic or supermarket name.
Name of your doctor and his credential that you will plan to see
Mostly unknown , you just know the business or clinic name sponsored by chain or super markets !